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Amar Mukti Aloy Aloy : Strum, Analysis

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Song: Amar Mukti Aloy Aloy
Artist: Rabindranath Tagore
From: Rabindra Sangeet (1926)

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Time Signature and Beat Pattern:
(3+2+2)/4, does not use off beats (starts from 1st beat) - (Time signatures explained). The song utilises, what is known as, additive meter. To put it simply, the number of beats in consecutive meters alternates. Here it starts off on a 3-beat meter, changes to a two consecutive 2-beat meter and back again. In terms of Indian classical system, the time signature would be : 7 matra, Rupak taal (medium speed).

Fundamental Chord Structure:
Basic chord progression: F#-B-C#-F#

Original scale: F# major

Chords transposed a scale of C: C-F-G-C (6 semitone below this scale)- (Transposition explained)

Roman numeral form notation: I-IV-V-I (modal progression) - (Roman numeral notation explained)

Strum Pattern:
Option 1: Fast strumming - |D(DU)(DU)|(DU)|(DU)|

Option 2: A better option will be to use a strum-cum-arpeggio pattern

Option 3: Play broken chords or arpeggios.

(Explanation - 3, 2 and 2 beat per meters repeating in that order; each beat is a quarter note long; the stroke that is marked with a (') is played and muted; the beats in brackets are divided into subunits of equal duration as noted). (More on how to read strum patterns)

Between the meter chord changes keep occurring owing to the complex nature of the pattern.

Playings Tips and Song Notes:
The chord progression is basic but utilises bar-chords making them slightly tougher for beginners. Try singing along or playing along with the track to best guess the strum and chord positions.

Difficulty: Intermediate level

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Amar Mukti Aloy Aloy : Strum, Analysis

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