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Shiwli Photar Gondhey Bhoriye (Moheener Ghoraguli) : Tabs, Notes

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Song: Shiwli Photar Gondhey Bhoriye
Artist: Moheener Ghoraguli, Arunendu Das
From: ??(information required)

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Guitar Tabs:
Basic Chorus:

Shiwli photar gondhey bhoriye,
Bhorer ghaashe shishir chhoriye, go,
Pyeja meghe, eshechhe shorot bujhi aaj!

  G               G               G
e----------------------------------------------------- x2

Basic Verse:

Doshobhuuja Durga puja -
Din beshi nei baanki aar!
Dikey dikey shei aayojon;
Dhaakey taar tulechey aawaj!
e------------------------------------ x2x2 = x4

Original Scale: G major

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Shiwli Photar Gondhey Bhoriye (Moheener Ghoraguli) : Tabs, Notes

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