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Mone Pore Ruby Roy (R D Burman) : Lyrics

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Song: Mone Pore Ruby Roy (Rubi Ray)
Artist: Rahul Dev Burman
From: Solid Gold - Rahul Dev Burman, Vol-1

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Plain Lyrics:
Mone pore Ruby Roy.......
Kobitay tomake ekdin koto kore dekecchi
Aaj hay ruby roy deke bolo amake
Tomake kothay jeno dekhechi....

Rod jola dupure,sur tule nupure
Bus theke tumi jobe namte.
Ekti kishor chele eka keno darie
Se kotha ki konodino bhabte
Mone pore Ruby Roy.....

Dweep jola shondhay, hridoyer janalay,
Kaannar khacha sudhu rekhechi.
Dweep jola shondhay, hridoyer janalay,
Kaannar khacha sudhu rekhechi.
Pakhi seto asheni,tumi balobashoni
Shopner jaal britha bunechi
Mone pore ruby Roy...

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Mone Pore Ruby Roy (R D Burman) : Lyrics

Comments: 2 comment(s)...have your say!

jayanto ghoshsaid...

BUT.......i also want to know who penned the lyric. can u help?

Dr. Arindam Sarkarsaid...

I have tried a lot to find out but couldn't. I don't know myself. Sorry.

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