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Mon Amar - Icchay Holo Bajatay Guitar (Anjan Dutta) : Lyrics

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Song: Mon Amar
Artist: Anjan Dutta
From: Shunte Ki Chao? (1994)

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Plain Lyrics:
Tomar kotha shunte bhalo lage bondhura(onekei) bole
Shonai tomar kotha amai prai
Tai shunlam tomar kotha gaan shonar chhole... shunlam tomake tai(chai)
Onek kotha kotokotha kotho kothar surey
Bhorey gelo bhetor ta amar
Ichche holo bolte kotha shurer tale tale
Amar ichche holo bajate guitar
Mon amar...mon amar....mon amar

Mittha kothai hariye jawa bertho ai bazare
Ortho niye elo tomar gaan
Gaaner bhasha notun ashai uthlo nechey tomar kothai
Uthlo nechey oneker praan
Sotti kotha sohoj kore bolar sahosh pelam phirey
Kothai jeno bhetore amar
Kothar nesha chhoriey dewar echche ta je holo abar
Echche holo bajate guitar
Mon amar...mon amar....mon amar

Gaaner kono prostuti nei, nei je shekor bakor
Paalkosh ki pilu bhoyrobi
Golai amar nei je kono rewaz korar shobhab
Ei obhab amar thakbe chirodin
Amar shudhu chhilo achhe kathkhottha bastob ta
Diba ratri aposh r aposh
Robindra ki gono shongeet konotai thik dicchilo na
Buker bhetor regey othar rosh
Gaan ta amar gaibar ei echche ta je chhilo na ko
Kaan ta chhilo shudhu shonar
Obbhesh ta chhilo kothar tale kothar jobab dewar
Kotha kerey nebar shobhab
Tomar kothar sutro dhorey poth hariey notun kore
Echche holo kotha ta bolar
Kothai kotha bare...tai bolchhi chhotto kore
Amar echche holo bajate guitar
Mon amar...mon amar....mon amar

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Mon Amar - Icchay Holo Bajatay Guitar (Anjan Dutta) : Lyrics

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