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Smriti (Calcutta Blues : Iman Sen) : Strum, Lyrics

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Song: Smriti
Artist: Iman Sen
From: Calcutta Blues (2009)

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Strum Pattern:
Time Signature: 4/4

Option 1: Fast strumming - |(DD)_(DD)_| or |(DD)(U')(D'_DD)(U')| or |D_D_|
(Explanation - 4 beats per meter; the stroke that is marked with a (') is played and muted; the beats in brackets are divided into subunits of equal duration as noted).

Option 2: Play an arpeggio / broken chords / single down-strokes.
Between the meter chord changes do not occur.

Playings Tips and Song Notes:
The chords are as simple as they get. Try singing along or playing along with the track to best guess the strum and chord positions.

One thing about Iman Sen - from the days I watched him of MTV Rock On, one thing I have noticed is that though he has an exceptional range, he keeps overdoing it with the little vocal improvisations, often choosing to showcase his range rather than emote the song by his voice. Its as if he's still trying to prove that he can sing, rather than concentrating on what the song needs express. Another thing about the newer Bangla band songs - mixing Old Bengali ("Shadhu bhaasha") with the colloquial ("Cholit bhasha") leads to unintended comedy, often stifling the power the lyrics could have had using just the heart-felt colloquial. It applies to this song as well, not to state the obvious - its quite blatantly "inspired" by the more famous Hindi song "Purani Jeans."

Plain Lyrics:
(College, ar canteen honours - amar priyo. Hothat korey tomake bhalo lege gelo,
kono karon chharai. Keno jani na , ei din guloke kichutei bhultey paari na. Shei 
ghum-ghum-ghum chokhe tomar collegey probesh kora! Chokhe kaajol diley, tomay laage
besh! E bhabe please dekho na - ami unmaad hoye jaai! Chaari dikey eto raj konna - 
ami kaar dikey taakai? Haan? Kaar dikey?)

Colleger din gulo chokher shamney -
Harano smriti, haarano gaan.
Schooley fele asha shob byartho obhimaan.
Tomay dekhe aj shob, hoye geche mlaan.
Smriti! Smriti! Smriti roye jaay!
Smriti! Smriti! Smriti roye jaay!
Smriti! Smriti! Smriti roye jaay! Smriti!

(Tumi collegey jebhabe probesh kortey na?
Shei ghum-ghum chokh, shei kaajol chokh - off! Off! Off!)

Ghum-ghum-ghum ghum-chokhe tomar college probesh;
Chokhe kaajol diley tomay laage besh!
Ei bhabey dekho na - ami unmaad hoye jaai!
Charidikey eto rajkonney, bolo kaar dikey taakai?
Prothom chirkuut chuunrey, tomay prem nibedon;
Ektu bhaalobesho, eetai aabedon!
Bodley jaabey shomoy, bodlabey tumio, tobu,
Tumi aamar Juliet, ami tomar Romeo!
Smriti! Smriti! Smriti roye jaay!
Smriti! Smriti! Smriti roye jaay!
Smriti! Smriti! Shob smriti roye jaay! Smriti!

(Ami kono dino asshwikar kortey paari na, je
ami pagol chilam - ekhono aachi - tobu ekdin bodley jaaboi.)

College canteenay cigarette kaara-kaarir din;
Ek din shesh hoye jaabe - ami chaina ashuk she din!
College kete, bairey, bondhuder shomagom;
Union roomer milito porishrom!
Smriti! Smriti! Smriti roye jaay!
Smriti! Smriti! Smriti roye jaay!

(Ekhono aachey shei colleger pashe chaer dokanta.
Ekhono aachey shei prothom premay pora unmaad premiker dol. Nei shudhu...)

Participate and Learn:
Try your hand at figuring out the chords yourself. Figure out the chords of this song and post your reply in the comments of this page for others to view, judge and comment on. You never know what you may find. This is a great way to learn how to figure out the chords to a song.

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Smriti (Calcutta Blues : Iman Sen) : Strum, Lyrics

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SUCH a funny song.

Dr. Arindam Sarkarsaid...


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