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Shei Tumi (LRB / Ayub Bachchu) : Guitar Chords

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Song: Cholo Bodley Jai (Shei Tumi Keno Eto Ochena Holey)
Artist: Ayub Bachchu, LRB (Love Runs Blind)
From: Ferari Mon (Unplugged - Live) (1996)

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Guitar Chords:
Verse 1:
C              CM7add5 C        CM7add5
Shei tumi keno eto ochena holey?
C              Am7      G
Shei ami keno tomake dukkho dilem?
C           CM7add5    C          CM7add5
Kemon korey eto ochena holey tumi?
C            Am7          G
Kibhabe, eto bodle gechi, ei ami?
    Am          Em                 Am  Am7
Oh! Bukeri shob koshto du-haate shoriye,
Cholo bodle jai!

Chorus 1:
          F                          G
Tumi keno bojho-na, tomake chara ami oshohay!
      Am                      F
Aamar shob-tuku bhalobaasha tomay ghirey!
      F                            G
Aamar oporaadh, chhilo jototuku, tomar kaache,
     Cm         G      C   CM7add5 C
Tumi khoma kore diyo aamay!

Verse 2: repeat verse 1

Chorus 2: repeat chorus 1

Bridge 1:
C              Em
Koto raat, ami kendechi,
Am             C           CM7add5 C
Buker gobhirey koshto niye!
C                Em
Shunnyotay dubey gechi ami.
Am               C       CM7add5 C
Aamake tumi phiriye naao!

Chorus 3: repeat chorus 1

Bridge 2:
C                   Em
Joto baar bhebechi bhuley jaabo,
Am               C          CM7add5 C
Taro beshi money porey jaay!
C                    Em
Phele asha shei shob din-gulo,
Am               C       CM7add5 C
Bhuley jetey ami paari na!

Chorus 4: repeat chorus 1

Verse 3: repeat verse 1

Chorus 5: repeat chorus 1

Original Scale: C major

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Shei Tumi (LRB / Ayub Bachchu) : Guitar Chords

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