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Ami Pathbhola Ek Pathik : Guitar Chords

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Song: Ami Pathbhola Ek Pathik
Artist: Hemanta Mukherjee, Asha Bhosle, Rabindranath Tagore
From: Mon Niye (1969), Gitobitan

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Guitar Chords:
    B             E          B
Ami poth bhola ek pathik eshechi.
    B             E          B
Ami poth bhola ek pathik eshechi.
E                         C#m          B
Shondha belar chameli go, shokal belar mollika,
F#         B
Amay cheno ki?
    B             E          B
Ami poth bhola ek pathik eshechi.

F#                       G#m
Chini tomay chini, nobin pantho -
G#m         E          B
Bonay bonay orey tomar rongin boshonpranto.
E             C#m       E             B
Fagun prhater utola go, choitro rater udashi,
F#           E          B
Tomar pothey amra bheshechi.

G#m          B          E          G#m
Ghorchara ei pagoltake, emon korey ke go dakay,
E          B
Korun gunjori,
       G#m          B            F#           B
Jokhun bajiye beena boner pothey barai shonchori.
D#m                    B
Ami tomay dak diyechi, ogo udaashi,
    E          B
Ami aamer monjori.
Bm                                     F#
Tomay chokhe dekhar agay, tomar shopon chokhe lagay,
Bedon jagey go -
E                      B
Na chinitei bhalo beshechi.

      Bm            F#             B            F#
Jokhon furiye bela, chukiye khela, topto dhular pothey
     E           B
Jabo jhora fuler rothey -
       E      F# B           E        B
Tokhon shongo ke lobi - lobo ami madhobi.
       B             F#             E           B
Jokhon biday-banshir shurey shurey, shukno pata jabay urey,
E          B
Shongey ke robi.
E         B          F#     B
Ami robo, udash hobo ogo udashi.
    E         B
Ami torun korobi.
Bm                                    F#
Boshonter ei lolit ragay, biday-betha lukiye jagay -
Bm              B
Fagun diney go, kandon-bhora hashi heshechi.
    B             E          B
Ami poth bhola ek pathik eshechi.

Original Scale: F# major

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Ami Pathbhola Ek Pathik : Guitar Chords

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