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Bishakto Manush (Fossils : Fossils) : Guitar Chords

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Song: Bishakto Manush
Artist: Rupam Islam, Fossils
From: Fossils (2002)

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Guitar Chords:
Fm         Eb Fm    Eb Fm        Eb Fm      Eb
Shey chenalo  amaake,  e shohorer   oli-goli;
Fm         Eb Fm    Eb Fm         Eb
Shey pathalo  upohar,  ekta chokrobuho...

Fm                  Db
Shey chokrobuhe aajo bondi hoye aachi!
               Eb                   Fm
Shey chorabali aajo grash korchhe aamake!
Fm                              Db             
Bhalobashi takey, tar nishidho oshukher,
        Eb                   Fm
Ekrokha virus-e more jawar aashay!

Fm             Db                      Eb   Fm
Ami bhalobashi jakey - shey bishakto manush!
Fm         Db                Eb  Fm
Shobuj tar shira; phakashe angul.
Fm           Db               Eb Fm
Neelabho tar thonte shaper chobol;
Fm      Db                   Eb   Fm
Neeloy oneeley khamkheyali probaho.
Fm            Db               Eb Fm
Dekhechi aadhare; dekhechi aaloke -
Fm         Db                   Eb   Fm
Jemon kore dekhe kono mughdho baloke.
Fm             Db             Eb Fm
Bibhotsho shorire bishakto khoto.
Fm             Db                 Eb    Fm
Obishshwaassho ghrinar protima shashwoto!

Chorus: repeat {1+2}

Original Scale: F minor

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Bishakto Manush (Fossils : Fossils) : Guitar Chords

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