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Ami Ek Jajabor (Bhupen Hazarika) : Strum, Lyrics

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Song: Ami Ek Jajabor
Artist: Dr. Bhupen Hazarika

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Strum Pattern:
Time Signature: 4/4

Option 1: Fast strumming - |DDD|
(Explanation - 4 beats per meter; the stroke that is marked with a (') is played and muted (D' here); the beats in brackets are divided into subunits of equal duration as noted).

Option 2: Play the chords where directed as single down strokes.
Between the meter chord changes occur and give this song its distinctive flavour.

Playings Tips and Song Notes:
The chords are simple and melodic. Good exercise for learning the chords of the E major scale. Try singing along or playing along with the track.

Plain Lyrics:
Ami ek jajabor, ami ek jajabor,
Prithibi amake apon korechay,
Bhulaychi nijer ghor....
Ami ek jajabor, Ami ek jajabor.

Ami Gongar theke Mississippi hoye,
Volga-r mukh dekhechi;
Ottowa-r theke Austria hoye,
Paris-er dhulo mekhechi.
Ami Hinora-r the rong niye duray,
Chicago shohoray diyechi;
Galiber sher Rashkander
Minar-ay boshay shunechi.
Mark Twain-er shomadhite boshay,
Bhortir kotha bolaychi;
Baray baray ami pother tanayi,
Poth ke koraychi ghor.
Tai ami jajabor, tai ami jajabor.

Bohu jajabor, lokkho bihin,
Amar royechay pon,
Ronger khoni jekhane dekhechi,
Rangiye niyechi mon.
Ami dekhechi anek gogonchumbhi,
Ottalikar shari;
Tar chayatai dekhechi anek,
Grihohin noro-nari.
Ami dekhechi anek Golap, Bokul,
Phute achay ghoray ghoray.
Abar dekhechi na phota phuler kolira,
Jhoray gechay onadoray.
Premhin bhalobasha, deshay deshay,
Bhengechay shukher ghor,
Pother manush apon hoyechay,
Apon hoyechay por.
Tai ami jajabor, ami ek jajabor.
Ami ek jajabor, aAmi ek jajabor,
Ami ek jajabor, ami ek jajabor.

Participate and Learn:
Try your hand at figuring out the chords yourself. Figure out the chords to this song and post your reply in the comments of this page for others to view, judge and comment on. You never know what you may find. This is a great way to learn how to figure out the chords to a song.

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Ami Ek Jajabor (Bhupen Hazarika) : Strum, Lyrics

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