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Priyotoma (Rupankar) - Chole Esho Aaj E Raate : Strum, Lyrics

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Song: Priyotoma
Artist:Rupankar Bagchi
From: Highway (2002)

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Strum Pattern:
Time Signature: 4/4

Option 1: Slow strumming - |DUU_|
(Explanation - 4 beats per meter; the stroke that is marked with a (') is played and muted (D' here); the beats in brackets are divided into subunits of equal duration as noted).

Option 2: Fast strumming - |D_UD|DUDD|
Between the meter chord changes occur and give this song its distinctive flavour.

Playings Tips and Song Notes:
The chords are quite uncommon. It really gives this song a unique standing as being melodically complex. Try singing along or playing along with the track. The chords are quite awesome themselves though.

Plain Lyrics:
Chole esho aaj e raate
Chole esho amar shathe
Tomar duchokh joto dur
Jabo ami totodur

Aaj jeno bheshe jai dhulomegher dhar gheshe
Tomar kotha tomai bolchi shono tumi
Chole esho aaj ekbar
Cholo more jai barbar

Deke deke shobdohin, chhuye dekho ei mon gohin
Ei ghor jeno kaate na, priyotoma.
Shorir moner arale tumi acho shudhu tumi
Tumi esho amar kache, e bichare tumi baje
Bhalobasho tumi amai, tumi chhara oshohai

E gan'eri poth ghurchhe, elomelo tomai khujchhe
E shur tomar charidik, priyotoma.
Boichhe jibon beche nao, beche nite dao amai
Tomar ei mon chhayai, priyotoma.

Participate and Learn:
Try your hand at figuring out the chords yourself. Figure out the chords to this song and post your reply in the comments of this page for others to view, judge and comment on. You never know what you may find. This is a great way to learn how to figure out the chords to a song.

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Priyotoma (Rupankar) - Chole Esho Aaj E Raate : Strum, Lyrics

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