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Mon Amar - Icchay Holo Bajatay Guitar (Anjan Dutta) : Strum

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Song: Mon Amar
Artist: Anjan Dutta
From: Shunte Ki Chao? (1994)

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Time Signature and Beat Pattern:
4/4, does not use off beats (starts from 1st beat) - (Time signatures explained)

Fundamental Chord Structure:
Basic chord progression: Verse : D-D-G-D / D-D-A-A - the song is not exactly based on a progression; it has a uses chords out of the D major scale (being a tune written in D major).

Original scale: D major

Chords transposed a scale of C: C-C-F-C / C-C-G-G (2 semitone below this scale)- (Transposition explained)

Roman numeral form notation: I-i-IV-I/I-I-V-V (modal progression) - (Roman numeral notation explained)

Strum Pattern:
Option 1: Fast strumming - |D'(UU)D')(UU)|

Option 2: Other pattern that may work: |D((DUDU))| or |D(DUU)(DD)(DU)|

Option 3: A better option will be to use the following strum-cum-arpeggio pattern (numbers indicate string number and plus means strummed together):
(6+5+4+3)>(2+1)>(6+5+4)>(3)>(2+1) and repeat

Option 4: Play broken chords or arpeggios.

(Explanation - 4 beats per meter; the stroke that is marked with a (') is played and muted; the beats in brackets are divided into subunits of equal duration as noted). (More on how to read strum patterns)

Between the meter chord changes #############.

Playings Tips and Song Notes:
The chords are simple yet melodic. Between the meter chord changes occur rarely in the bridge. Try singing along or playing along with the track.

Difficulty: Beginner level

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Mon Amar - Icchay Holo Bajatay Guitar (Anjan Dutta) : Strum

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