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Ami Tomar Chokher Kalo Chai (Rupam) : Guitar Chords

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Song: Ami Tomar Chokher Kalo Chai
Artist: Rupam Islam

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Guitar Chords:
B    G#m
Aami Tomar Chokher Kalo Chai
B           F#
Tai tomar dike takai
E              B              
Tumi takaoni aamar dike 
Tai dhushor bikel
G#m           F#              B 
Kalo rastao rong haraye dhushor dhoyay

Kichhu shorir kotha bole jae
Kono gobhir raater isharaye
Aami ekla jege shojjaye ... shoroshojjaye
Mon ghumaye tomar kole haye
Aami tomar hather chowa chai
Aar aamar nirloggota
Khoje shudhu tomar aboron ... Ene dao shihoron
Kori tomate mrittunesha

B                     G#m
Aami tomar bhalobasha chai
B                    F#
Tai tomay bhalobeshe jai
B                G#m                F#
Bolo aamar emon chahidaye ki mon deowa jai 
Jibon deowa jai
Hridoy deowa jaye
Shorir deowa jaye
Na na na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na 
Na na na na na na 
F#  B  G#m B 
Na na na na 

Aami tomay, tomar dehoke
Biswas ar shondehote
Khuji hothath hothothkaritaye ... Chini na tomay
Anamika bole dakte pari ki tomay.

Original Scale: F# major

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Ami Tomar Chokher Kalo Chai (Rupam) : Guitar Chords

Comments: 4 comment(s)...have your say!


thanks arindam,

thanks for the cords. ami onek din khujchilam cord ta.


Arindam Sarkarsaid...

Glad to help. More than welcome.


Burried Alivesaid...

Hi Arnidam, Thanks a lot for the chords, one more request, could please provide the strumming pattern?

Arindam Sarkarsaid...

Welcome....Already posted ;) - check the link above

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