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Purono Guitar (Anjan Dutta) : Guitar Chords

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Song: Purono Guitar
Artist: Anjan Dutta
From: Purono Guitar (1995)

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Guitar Chords:
Verse 1:
C           Am
Ei buro purono guitar,
C                 G
Diache koto kichu diache;
F                 C           G            C
Choto khato shukh man obhiman dukkher gaan diache.
C                    Am
Roj roj koto shoto hajar hajar bhoy,
C                G
Mone jokhon bhir koreche,
F           C              G               C
Ghorer kone apon mone shei bhoy gulo katia diache.

Verse2 :
C                Bm
Chele belar shei pata jhora pahare,
Am                Em6    C
Ghureche eke beke mon jokhon,
C           Bm              Am          C
Ei buro purono guitar chilo shongi amar tokhon.
C                    Am
Tal kete geche koto, keteche angul;
Am7                 G
Koto raat jege jege keteche.
F                  C                  G               C
Jibone prothom bar bhalobasha haranor jontrona bhulia diache.
C           Am
Ei buro purono guitar.....

Verse 3:
Am                       C
Koler gaaner shure haria giye,
Am                G
Khuje pawa nijeke abar.
G                    F                Fm          CM7   
Prithibir koto kotha kache ene diache amar purono guitar.
||C            Bm
Jhon leloner socchar bhalobasha,
Am               C
Bobi deloner obhiman.
C                   Bm
Hut kore bhalo lege bhalo beshe kauke
Am                   C
Tara huro kore lekha gaan ||X 2
F                    Em6               G              Cadd5
Phele asha koto mukh koto naam thikana bar bar firiye diache
F                     Em6                  G                 C
Nana kotha nana shure gaan nia ghure ghure Sumoner kache ene diache
C           Am
Ei buro purono guitar.....

Verse 4:
||C                    Bm               Am                C
Eidaning hotath kore onek bhalobashar majheene feleche amaye;
C               Bm                 Am                 C
Nijer moto kore kichu kotha bolbar sujog kore diache amay.||X2
F                   C                G                C
Bhabini to kono din amar ei bondhuta hoye jabe bondhu sobar.
F                   C            G           C
Bhabini to kono din shunbe sobai amar purono guitar.

Verse 5:
C           Am
Ei buro purono guitar,
C             G
Diache tomake diache.
F                 C                G                 C
Elo melo koto sob onno loker gaane tomake kache tene niyeche.
C                Am
Tomake niye kono gaan lekha hoeni;
C                  G
Chesta korechi bohubar.
F                    C                   Fm          C
Roye geche sob kotha olikhito taar kache amar purono guitar.
G                 C
Sheje amar purono guitar.

Original Scale: C major

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Purono Guitar (Anjan Dutta) : Guitar Chords

Comments: 4 comment(s)...have your say!

Raihan Jamilsaid...

Thank you so much for doing this. Ami ei gaantar temon fan noi, but the idea that you are trying to promote Bangla chords is amazing.

Ami jod kichu korte pari janaben. I would like to be of assistance.

Bhalo thakben.

A Sarkarsaid...

Thank you very much. Jodi paren guiterer jonno suited kono gaan suggest korun please.

Shobhit Agarwalsaid...

hi sir
i went the chords that you have posted...very well writtenindeed...i am sure its a very good move in the direction of learning to play indian songs..
i am also a guitarist and play for my college band..will be visiting your blog in the coming days also..
post a few chords by the band mohenar ghoragoli if possible..

A S (Private)said...

Try this:

more coming. Thankyou.

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