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Priyotoma (Rupankar) - Chole Esho Aaj E Raate : Guitar Chords

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Song: Priyotoma
Artist:Rupankar Bagchi
From: Highway (2002)

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Guitar Chords:
|E |EM7 |E |
|C#m|G#m |E |

E                   C#m
Chole esho aaj e raate
           G#m     A
Chole esho amar shathe
     E   EM7 E
        E            C#m
Tomar duchokh joto dur
         G#m A
Jabo ami totodur
     E   EM7 E

         C#m    G#m      A           E
Aaj jeno bheshe jai dhulomegher dhar gheshe
        C#m   B      A         B
Tomar kotha tomai bolchi shono tumi
E                C#m
Chole esho aaj ekbar
           G#m    A
Cholo more jai barbar
     E   EM7 E

E         C#m               F#m
Deke deke shobdohin, chhuye dekho ei mon gohin
        Eo         E          B7
Ei ghor jeno kaate na, priyotoma.
       C#m      G#m      A           E
Shorir moner arale tumi acho shudhu tumi
      C#m        G#m         A         B
Tumi esho amar kache, e bichare tumi baje
           E                      G#m A
Bhalobasho tumi amai, tumi chhara oshohai
     E    EM7 E

E              C#m          F#m
E gan'eri poth ghurchhe, elomelo tomai khujchhe
       Eo         E           B7
E shur tomar charidik, priyotoma.
        C#m         G#m        A        E
Boichhe jibon beche nao, beche nite dao amai
         C#m     G#m         A    B
Tomar ei mon chhayai, priyotoma.
C      D   E

Original Scale: E major

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Priyotoma (Rupankar) - Chole Esho Aaj E Raate : Guitar Chords

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