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Halud Pakhi (Cactus) : Guitar Chords

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Song: Halud Pakhi
Artist: Cactus
From: Cactus (1999)

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Guitar Chords:
D            F#m          Em              D   A
Sei je holud pakhi, boshe jamrul gacher dalay,
D         F#m       Em            D    A
Korto dakadaki amar shoishober shokaley.
G       A        G            A
Ekdin gelo uray, jani na, kon shuduray,

Chorus: {repeat 1+1}
D                 G
Phirbe na, she ki phirbe na,
A            D
Phirbe na ar kono din.

Verse2: (Repeat pattern of verse1)
Buro majhir noukay, boshay sharata dupur,
Juborajer ghora ar rajkonnar nupur,
Chole gelo srotay bheshay, jani na kon durdeshay.

Chorus: repeat

Verse3: (Repeat pattern of verse1)
Bhanga mondiraytay, gupto dhoner khoj,
Duuuuuur shimanar, harchani roj roj,
Haralo shonali she din, Shobuj iccha, shopno rongin,.

Chorus: repeat

Original Scale: D major

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Halud Pakhi (Cactus) : Guitar Chords

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